Speaking at FreedomFest with Laissez-Faire Books in Las Vegas

by Jacob Huebert on July 8, 2012
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I’m thrilled to be speaking on the Laissez-Faire Books panel at the FreedomFest libertarian convention this week in Las Vegas!

Here’s the lineup, in order of appearance:

  • Robert Murphy, speaking on alternative educational institutions
  • Wendy McElroy, speaking on the topic of her new book, The Art of Being Free
  • Jeffrey Tucker, on “defying the plan through your own digital civilization”
  • Douglas French, on how spreading liberty is “not just for non-profits anymore”
  • Jacob Huebert, on private forms of security and dispute-management, and
  • Stefan Molyneux, on “redefining communities of peace and learning”

We’ll also be  at the Laissez-Faire Books store throughout the convention selling and signing books. So if you’re going to FreedomFest, come see us!

By the way, if you haven’t already, take a look at LFB’s Laissez-Faire Club. For $10 a month, you get a new free eBook every week plus access to the archive of all past eBooks, exclusive communities, seminars, and more. You can check out LFB and the Club on Facebook, too.

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