Talking About ObamaCare on WMAY Radio

by Jacob Huebert on July 1, 2012
in Law, Media, U.S. Constitution

Today I talked about ObamaCare with liberty-friendly radio host Greg Bishop on WMAY radio in Springfield, Illinois. We talked about the individual mandate and the so-called “tax” it imposes, but we also focused on the relatively overlooked provision of ObamaCare — which the Supreme Court partially struck down — that would have forced states to greatly expand their Medicaid programs to cover many more people.

Jacob Huebert on Saturday Session with Greg Bishop 6.30.12

The Medicaid expansion would not only harm taxpayers at the state and federal levels, it also would hurt the poorest people who currently depend on Medicaid by making it harder for them to get care as they compete for limited resources with all the new people in the system. In other words, the Medicaid mandate would cost taxpayers a lot, and it would hurt the people it’s supposedly intended to help. Fortunately, the Supreme Court said the federal government can’t make the states participate in this expansion, and in the interview we discuss why they can and should opt out.

I gave this interview on behalf of my employer, the Liberty Justice Center, a public-interest law firm that fights for liberty in the courts. As usual, the views I express otherwise on this website are my own, not necessarily those of any organization.

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