School Vouchers Aren’t Libertarian

by Jacob Huebert on September 3, 2010
in Education, Libertarianism Today

Today offers another excerpt from my book.  This one is about why government-funded school vouchers aren’t compatible with libertarianism.

I do understand why some libertarians like vouchers: they rightly feel bad for the actual, real-world children who are forced by law to attend horrible government schools, whose parents can’t afford other alternatives.  If the government is going to coerce people, it’s understandable to want to minimize the harm done.

But as I argue in the book, vouchers would do more harm than good.  Even if we can’t abolish government schools anytime soon, the best way to rescue as many kids as possible is through private, voluntary means.

Here are two more articles I’ve written on this topic:

  • Mitchell Powell

    Well said! This libertarian is now convinced that vouchers are a step backward.

  • Agitator


    Like you, perhaps, there was a time for me (2+ yrs. ago) when I believed vouchers would be a viable step toward loosening the iron grip of the state and allowing parents to gain the upper hand in the matrix of their childs “educations”.

    Long story short, after considering THE FACTS, I began to realize how naive my position truly was.

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