The “Ground Zero Mosque” and the Prospects for Liberty

by Jacob Huebert on August 19, 2010
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The furor over the “Ground Zero Mosque” (which is neither a mosque nor at Ground Zero) doesn’t make me very optimistic about the prospects for liberty.

As a libertarian and just a live-and-let-live kind of guy, I can’t imagine caring much about, let alone vocally protesting, what someone is building two blocks away from me.

Yet apparently many of my fellow Americans are such busybodies that they’ll whine for weeks about something being built hundreds or thousands of miles away from them, in a city they don’t live in and probably won’t even visit.  And many of the complainers are among the Tea Party set whom we are occasionally told are “libertarian,” even though they seem to hate Muslims and Mexicans and love war at least as much as they hate the federal government and love liberty.

Jonah Goldberg claims that the conservatives who object “mostly” recognize that the Muslims have a legal right to build their center.  But what I hear on talk radio makes me doubt this.  A common argument there seems to be that since “liberals” don’t care about the Constitution or property rights in general, they aren’t entitled to invoke them now — as though liberals somehow have the power to waive Muslims’ rights.

In any event, even if Goldberg is correct, it’s hard to imagine that the spirit of liberty resides in the sort of people who get so worked up over this sort of thing.  The ease with which they’ve been distracted by this issue suggests that reducing government isn’t going to be their top priority once their team is back in control in Washington.

  • Ericdondero

    Well, you got one thing right, well half-right. The Ground Zero Mosque is not really a Mosque per se, but more of an Al Qaeda, Hamas linked Terrorist Training Camp.

    But you got the other half totally wrong. It is most certainly at Ground Zero. It is one block away from the WTC site, not two as has been reported by the ultra-liberal media.
    Secondly, a piece of the first jet's landing gear slammed into the roof of the building, making it not only “near” Ground Zero, but “part” of Ground Zero.

    Get your facts straight next time before you start spouting off leftwing talking points, and trying to pretend that somehow they represent “libertarian” views. You are no libertarian Sir. You've been exposed.

    Eric Dondero, 25+ Year Libertarian Activist

  • Jacob Huebert

    If you buy my book, you'll find a lot more material you can use to expose me as a non-libertarian, such as the idea that it's not okay to kill innocent people or force me to pay for it.

  • Jacob Huebert

    If you buy my book, you'll find a lot more material you can use to expose me as a non-libertarian, such as the idea that it's not okay to kill innocent people or force me to pay for it.

  • NSKinsella

    Dondero is not a libertarian. He's just a quasi-pro-free market neocon.

  • David C

    FYI, we don't need the help of the terrorists. Like Europe, the USA is doing a perfectly fine job of destroying itself from within without any foreign help at all. Perhaps someone can tell which “terrorist” faction steals up to 40% of my income and spends it on crap. Which “terrorist” faction incarcerates over a million people for crimes that have no victim. Which “terrorist” faction imposes more rules and regulations on me than anyone can read in 1000 lifetimes.

    Yeah, I'm all for dismantling terror camps, Washington DC would be a good start. If we can't have property rights to do things that we want with (like build a mosque) then yes, we are being overrun by people who hate our freedom.

  • Leon Haller

    Advocacy of liberty is not a suicide pact. This is about national defense. Libertarianism per se is not against defense. Islam is a bullshit “religion” (only Christianity is in fact true). It is not even an ideology of “peace” (what ignorant crap you liberals spew!). It is more akin to a very, very, very unlibertarian species of imperialistic totalitarianism. It is relentlessly expansionist (of course libertarians, as Murray used to point out, know next to nothing about history (or theology, or politics, or literature, etc etc)). Each mosque represents a kind of enemy encampment, a form of cultural warfare (and even physical colonization), in pursuit of the eventual goal of conquest and ideological/legal enslavement. All mosques should be banned from US (and European) soil. This country NEVER practiced freedom of religion. The Founders in the First Am. only meant to avoid the political establishment of any particular Christian denomination, and ONLY at the Federal level. But clearly they thought of America as a generic Christian nation (a corporate/communal, as well as metaphysical, concept). They would have been horrified at this act of Islamic aggression, and so should we.

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