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New!  Ohio Government Nothing to Be Proud Of

Some say Ohio's government is responsible because it doesn't take on much debt.  Nonsense!


In Defense of Corporations, Tax Breaks, and Wal-Mart

Walter Block and I correct the errors in Roderick Long's left-libertarian essay posted on the Cato Institute's website.  Update: Read Part II


The Dirty Dozen

A new book offers a decent education on the harm the Supreme Court can do — but shouldn’t make us think the Court could somehow become an equivalent force for good.


I Exploit Credit Cards.  So Should You.  If you follow the rules, you win and the banks lose.  Article and audio interview from The Christian Science Monitor.


Where Did It All Go Wrong?

I review The Politically Incorrect Guide to the Constitution.


Downtown Revitalization: City Governments Versus Consumers


Video:  J. H. Huebert on LifeSharers